About us G&H Financial
Leading innovators in finance solutions

G&H Financial is a finance solutions specialist. We are committed to helping organisations and individuals with their financing requirements. G&H Financial provides government, corporate and small to medium enterprise (SME) customers, health industries and education with innovative products and excellent service. G&H Financial is the fastest growing independent vendor and consumer solutions specialist available to customers in the Australian market. G&H Financial has financed millions of dollars in cars, boats, bikes, trucks, equipment & machinery as well as thousands of families, individuals and businesses Understanding the best way to finance equipment can be complicated. It's our business to know about the latest finance products.

G&H Financial combines extensive equipment knowledge with specialist financial products. Our understanding and inside knowledge delivers our clients the best possible products and solutions.

Industry leaders in Asset lending, we believe our process, up to and including our internal credit team and unique double assessment methodology sets us worlds apart from our competition. Don't deal with just anyone, we provide you with a team that is striving to place you and your transaction in front of the rest. Deal with a company that has the contacts and the know how to land your application for approval on the desk of a decision maker in the banking world.

We offer finance for most assets, equipment and machinery including:

  • Information Technology Finance
  • Finance Cars, Boats, Trucks, Bikes, Equipment & Machinery
  • Vendor Solutions Finance
  • Used Car Floor Plan Finance
  • Telecommunications Finance
  • Copiers and Printers Finance
  • Medical and Healthcare Finance
  • Educational Equipment Finance
  • Plant and Equipment Finance
  • Fit-out Solutions
  • Waste and Recycling Equipment Finance
  • Mining Equipment Finance
  • Industrial Equipment Finance

For vendors we can also help you to increase your sales, achieve better margins and move stock faster while building a stronger relationship between your clients and your business. Join the G&H Financials partner programs. We have been partnering with equipment vendors and resellers for many years and have industry-leading systems, processes and expertise. Experience the G&H team's effectiveness and results. Plus you get paid when you join the G&H Financial partner program and you get repeat business.

Equipment finance doesn't need to be complicated, so we have designed our partner programs to be simple and straightforward: your sales people do not need to be finance experts. As part of the program, our support team can calculate payments and rates on the spot and our account managers can assist with training as well as offering joint calls to customers.