G&H Financial have worked with thousands of businesses in almost every example of the business cycle. We understand new start business but we also support long term strategy.
We have worked to help businesses grow and we have also worked to support businesses that find themselves in some form of a challenge. Business is an intrepid journey of suprises (not all of them good), the book keeper that failed to lodge BAS or the accountant that lodged two annual returns at once, the driver that fell asleep behind the wheel, or the employee that decided a day at the beach would be more fun than meeting an urgent deadline.

These are challenges we all face in day to day business. G&H Financial work with your business to help when you may need it most.

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  • Raise capital to pay out tax debt

  • Mid-stream refinance to reduce overheads and control expense

  • Purchase new equipment

  • Replace aged and defunct equipment

  • Restructure fleet services to ensure they are competitive and structured to meet the requirements of the business