In the Financial Services business products are definitely not part of the combination that ensures you are guided in the right direction or assisted with what works best with your business goals. Product ranges are very similar from one lender to the next, the game changer is how well the business you are working with understands the product you need

At G&H Financial we understand the products and we have an intimate knowledge around the mechanics of these financial instruments.

We can assist and explain the why and when of any product in our offering without hesitation:

Cash Flow finance

The cash flow finance market is diverse with some very competitive products and some not so competitive products. Each product has a place in the market for a purpose:

  • Factoring or Invoice Finance; a low cost and user-friendly alternative to most cash flow finance solutions
  • Unsecured business loans; fast and easy cash for when you need money to get going with a project or starting a new contract
  • Single Invoice Finance; no one has the cash flow to fund big business for 30 – 60 days; you don’t have to wait, exchange your invoice for payment today at a very simple low cost
  • Debtor Finance; use your receivables or debtors to measure your eligibility for loans from 100,000 up to millions.
Chattel Mortgage

Purchase your capital equipment or business assets by utilising one of the products most favoured by Australian business currently.


Manage your transactions off the balance sheet or with one simple deduction and only half of the necessary work required, when running assets against a depreciation method.


Ideal for duplicate transactions; very popular for goods that sit in a low depreciation pool or specifically useful when a business is restricted by Capex and would like to expand and grow their infrastructure through the benefits of Opex. This product is very popular with large corporations or government departments.