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Established in 2007 meant that G&H Financial cut its teeth in a market that has widely been recognised as one of the worlds greatest financial challenges. The Global Financial Crisis was a period well documented in the history books as one of businesses most challenging times. G&H Financial grew their people and the business through this period to emerge as one of Australias’ best recognised business operating in the small and medium business arena. Small and medium business finance has become very sophisticated and in many cases more expensive than it should be. G&H Financial assist thousands of clients in finding the right business loan; equipment finance or solution for the requirement. Tired of the banks playing games with you? Call us now (02) 8060 3530

G&H Financial offer a full back end office service for professionals in the financial services industry seeking to expand of diversify their business. Our large panel of bank and non-bank lenders offers you the flexibility and options to offer your clients multiple solutions in a seamless process.

Our fair and generous referral programmes allow you to grow your business with taking on the additional fixed expenses. Our fast and reliable business loans; equipment loans and machinery loans will not only gain favourable results for your clients but also keep them loyal to you.

Call today and become a referral partner with G&H Financial on (02) 8060 3530 or e-mail us at info@gandhfinancial.com.au

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