G&H Financial

On the right track

Tired of the bank playing games with you?

G&H Financial has helped thousands of businesses start and grow in some of the most competitive markets in Australia. Our industry knowledge, understanding and support we offer businesses that work with us is largely recognised as our key to success.

Our team is supported by a loyal client base; a strong level of industry support; a great network of colleagues, like minded individuals and a professional network of successful businesses.

Commercial finance is increasingly becoming more and more technical; there are very few businesses today that can manage successfully without a strong financial support base; you need to partner your business with the professional support required to achieve your goals.

G&H Financial have the knowledge; skill set and management skill to get your business started on the right track.

About us

Established in 2007 meant that G&H Financial cut its teeth in a market that has widely been recognised as the largest financial challenge in modern history. Not only did the Global Financial Crisis set a precedence for change in the financial markets but also challenged establishments to rethink business strategy. G&H Financial grew their people and the business through this period to emerge as one of Australias’ best recognised strategic business consultants in the small and medium business enterprise space for business finance. We help grow new business; refinance existing businesses and assist supporting on-going business with competitive rates along with fast response times.

  • Raise capital to pay out tax debt

  • Mid-stream refinance to reduce overheads and control expense

  • Purchase new equipment

  • Replace aged and defunct equipment

  • Restructure fleet services to ensure they are competitive and structured to meet the requirements of the business

Partner with us

Join us and add a nation leading edge to your business, one that is backed by a leading level of customer support;
a range of products and knowledge to assist your clients with any financial requirements